Founded in 1983, Helios and Matheson, a premier global information technology provider recently introduced its predictive analytics practice – Helios and Matheson Analytics. Over the past 30 years achieving trusted long-term global relationships with category defining Fortune 500 clients.
Our clients are relentlessly innovating to satisfy the increasingly demanding 21st century customer who lives many lives at once – online, mobile, global, local, and blurring the lines between work and play spoilt for choice and hungry for meaning and connection. Each of us now a walking generator. The amount of data in the world is growing fast outstripping not just the machines, but also our imaginations. Big Data represents the ability of society to harness information in novel ways to produce useful insights or goods and services of significant value.

Theodore Farnsworth
Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Carl J. Schramm

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Prathap Singh

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